A state on the west coast of India. Home to 55+ million people.
89% of the people of Gujarat are followers of Hinduism.
Muslims account for 9.1%
1% are followers of Jainism
Sikhs make up .1%
The remainder of the population follow (in descending order):
Nominal Christianity
Evangelical Christianity

Estimates for percentage of Gujaratis who are Evangelical Christian range from .01% to .1%

Prayer is needed for the people of this state. Join us in praying that:
Gujarat will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.
Habukkuk 2:14

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  1. Were ISC/IMB based in Mumbai supporting the rebuilding of the village of Sugariya (near Bhuj) after the January 2001 earthquake. Also spent a year in Bangalore at the Baptist Hospital helping set up the an IMB sub-regional office there.

  2. Lue English says:

    I am an ESL teacher at our church. We have a couple who are Gujarati and have been very receptive to hearing about Jesus. We have given them a Bible in their language and read it with them. Do you have the “:Creation to Christ” story in their language? If so can you email it to me?

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