Unloved, Unloving

Imagine being part of a group of people who are despised by everyone, whose presence is dreaded by all, and whose sole purpose in life seems to be to cause disruption in the life of others. There is such a group in India, found in Gujarat and other places. These people live their lives outcast from most of society, welcome only in their own communities. They make their living by promising blessings, for a price, or threatening curses, if the price is not given. They annoy people at weddings and businesses, making noise until they are paid to leave. These are a people who live their lives, for the most part, not knowing love.

Pray for this people group. Pray that they will be given the opportunity to hear about Jesus. Pray that opportunities will be available for Believers to show the love of Jesus, and that they will be bold in showing His love. Pray that they will open their hearts to the message of love and give their lives to Jesus.
1John 4:7 “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God.”

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2 Responses to Unloved, Unloving

  1. Mike C says:

    Who are these people spoken of on 4/28/11 of “Unloved, Unloving”? Are they a specific caste or people group?

    So their “job” is to annoy people until they are paid. Is that correct?

    • Yes, that is their job, the way they earn a living. They are known as eunuchs, though most of them aren’t. Another name is hijra. Some consider either name to be rude. But they are an unloved, unloving people.

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