Silver and Gold

Beggars are one of the constants in Gujarat. Every venture out into the city is guaranteed to include a meeting with a beggar. Pray today that when Believers see a beggar on the street their response will be the same as Peter’s: “I have no silver and gold, but what I do have I give to you.” (Acts 6:3) Pray that Believers will be bold in sharing the Good News of Jesus and the hope of eternal life with every beggar they meet.

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2 Responses to Silver and Gold

  1. Trinnie says:

    When I found myself angry with the beggars I prayed. So I began to give out water, and hugs, and hold their hand or put my hand on their shoulder and pray.

  2. Kris Lozano says:

    What a great reminder to turn what would be an humanly annoyance into an eternal opportunity. It may be hard to believe but we experience beggars in our town every day as well. It used to be ‘just drug addicts’ but now it seems to be family members trying to make it by. It’s heartbreaking either way.

    Thank you for the reminder to boldly share the gospel!

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