Several times a day, bells can be heard all over the city as worshippers ‘awaken’ their gods, trying to gain their attention.
Pray that people here would realize the futility of calling on gods who sleep and would instead turn to the God who “will neither sleep nor slumber” (Ps 121:4) but instead is always awake and aware of the needs of His people.

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3 Responses to Bells

  1. In fact the tempe bell is not to do with waking God or the devas, but creating an auspicious and sacred atmosphere and bringing your mind to attention. It is symbolic of the sound of creation, and reminds us to concentrate on God and worship rather than earthly tings when we enter the temple:

    “…Suppose you hear the sound of a bell in the temple. The memory Sakti grasps it. Then it retains it through Dharana. When you hear again the sound of the temple bell, it at once reminds you, “This is the temple bell. This is not the hostel bell.”

    • Thank you for giving your view on what the bells mean. I was only writing according to what I have been told by the people in worship around me. I do not wish to offend, but will continue to pray for those who do not know God.

  2. Kris Lozano says:

    This is so true. I often had this thought while in Gujarat; “Why would I serve a god I have to awaken, dress or that needs protection from theft or the elements?” I am thankful I serve the one true God who lovingly cares for me as a shepherd does for his sheep. Thank you, Lord Jesus!

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